If you signed up for the Swine Lab – Sow and Young Pig Care – please check your phone for either a next message or an email regarding changes in your schedule. 


Schedule Changes

  • The advisor’s meeting is in Executive Room 012 (Not 020)
  • Poultry Dissection Lab is from 3-5 pm
  • The Small Animal Referral Center Track has two sections:
    • Last names A-G will leave on the buses at 8:10 am
    • Last names H-Z will leave on the buses at 12:45 pm

Room Changes

  • The Suture and Pet Food lab will meet in room 214
  • The Christ, Chai, and Cross-cultural lecture will meet in room 216 
  • The Blood Smear lab from 9-11 am will meet in room 216
  • There is a community service project in room 21


  • Those attending the Wildlife Necropsy lab do NOT have to be rabies vaccinated
  • Please refer to your Name Tags for lab assignments (name tags are official and have the final say)
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